Friday, 30 December 2011

Catching Up After Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I have to say for the first time in a long time I really enjoyed it! It was my little boy’s second Christmas, but last year he was only 3 months old and hadn’t a clue what was going on. This year however, even though I thought he’d still be a little too young to appreciate it, he really got stuck in ripping wrapping paper off presents. Although once he’d got the paper off he wasn’t too keen to pass his present to me or his dad to take it out of the box! He cried every time we tried to take any of his new toys out of their packaging.

Today has been the first day since just before Christmas that I have been able to sit down and catch up with some work. It’s not that easy to get back in the swing of things when you’ve had nearly a week off! I even forgot that my little boy was back at nursery this morning and a soon as I realised I was in a mad rush to get him (and me!) ready and out the house! He only goes two mornings a week but that’s the time I use to really get my head down and do some work! And, if there’s time, some house work too!
Well, today I’ve been working towards one of my New Year’s resolutions of getting more organised by making a mini plan of the work I need to do in January as well as updating the business directory on the More Than Mummies website and planning the January Showcase. I will also be working on a new voting style competition for the website which I hope to announce very soon. I still have a great deal of emails to reply to which I think I will be starting to tackle this weekend and some new post to write, both for the blog and the website. It’s going to be a busy end of 2011 and start of 2012!
Jill. x

Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Less than a week until Christmas and there’s a little snow on the ground, all our decorations are up, (most of!) the presents are wrapped and the festive mood has really set in, even our little papillons are getting in to the Christmas spirit! So I thought it would be the perfect time to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Jill. x

Friday, 9 December 2011

Share your tips for ‘Surviving Christmas’

We would love to do a collaborative post on the More Than Mummies website and we’d love you to share your tips or words of wisdom on making Christmas really special or even just surviving it! You can also include a link to your website (Facebook Business page).

Whether it be practical tips such as cooking, preparation or decorations,

How to keep the children entertained or get them involved,

Tips on how to stay calm as the pressure of Christmas builds,

How to keep the children calm with all the excitement of Christmas,

How to do this Christmas on a budget –How to explain to the children that you (or Father Christmas) are on a budget this year!

How to cater for everyone, or tips to manage cooking for the whole family!

How to avoid family fallouts, whether it be between children, or adults!

Even hangover cures!
If you would like to share a tip or words of wisdom that will get published on our website, simply email with:

·         your tip – could be a sentence or a paragraph

·         Your name – how you would like it to be published, ie full name or first name, county

·         You can also include a link to your business website or Facebook/Twitter page to help promote your business

It will appear as:
Example tip:
 If you are giving any battery operated toys this Christmas make sure you’ve got the correct batteries to avoid disappointment.
I’m sure there are a lot better or more imaginative tips than that!
We’re aiming to add this post the week beginning 12th December, we will however add more tips once the post is live. No more will be added after the 20th December.

We would also love any articles of things to do/make with the children over Christmas or Christmas recipes from you for our website and also any articles perfect for New Year, whether it be New Year’s party fashion, beauty or make-up or articles about or how to stick to your new year’s resolutions.

One Little Cold and My Week’s a Write Off!

In my last blog post , Back to Blogging, I was determined to start writing on a more regular basis and I had been jotting some post ideas down (with thanks to Jodi for her comment!) and I was really looking forward to December to start my new good blogging intentions!

I’m always really busy at the beginning and end of the month getting the More Than Mummies Newsletter ready and sent and once that was done I was going to start writing my blog post ideas out and really try to get on top of it. That was last Friday!
Since then, after my son brought a cold back from a children’s birthday party last Saturday, all my plans have taken a back seat! My son and I have been suffering all week and as many of you will know it’s not so much the cold that’s the problem, it’s the lack of sleep from the little one constantly waking up because of a stuffy nose or a cough.
It’s not just my blogging that’s been a little sidelined, I’ve intended each day this week to go to the Trafford Centre and get my Christmas shopping well underway before it gets too busy and that just hasn’t happened!
Everyone I speak seems to be experiencing the same thing at the moment with one thing or another, flu, colds, coughs etc. I’m not sure if I’m noticing it more now I’m a mum but I’ve definitely been more under the weather this year than ever before.
I’m in half a mind to not leave the house (or let anyone in!) during the week before Christmas so we don’t catch anything else we’re all fit and healthy for Christmas day!
Anyway, I will be aiming to blog more regularly (fingers crossed!) and I wish you all good health and a cold and flu free run up to Christmas!

Jill x

Friday, 2 December 2011

December Newsletter

(email version)

Little One Lane aim to provide all of your baby essentials in one easy place. From toys and clothing to nappies and cots.
You can find us on:

Get Your Mojo Back!

Choosing your Maternity Party Dress This Christmas

Stuck for Kids Christmas Party Game Ideas?

Click here for the Christmas Present Showcase

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November 2011

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Back to Blogging!

I haven’t blogged for a while, and I feel as if I’m a little out of the habit! I keep getting ideas of topics to write about but by the time my little one has gone to bed around 8pm I’m absolutely shattered and usually still have some work to do for the website. I’ve never really been much of an evening person I’ve always preferred to get up really early and get stuck in to whatever needed doing. Unfortunately getting up before the little one wakes is practically impossible these days. He must take after me with his early starts.

I don’t really think my brain really works after 9pm, but I will be making more of an effort to blog!

Anyway there’s been lots going on since the launch of and I’m aiming to update the blog a couple of times a week. – Might be a little ambitious but we’ll see! It will probably be a little different to before as in its early days the blog was more of a mini site for More Than Mummies while the website was being developed. Now it’ll be more of a personal blog whilst also giving some behind the scenes info about the website and any More Than Mummies news.

I’ve been so pleased with the response we’ve had to the website, we’ve already had over 10,000 visitors and the number per month has been increasing. Also we now have over 400 businesses in our directory which is really amazing. I’ve also got to collaborate with some lovely people in running competitions on the site, but my favourite part of the website has to be the articles!

The quantity and quality of articles that have been submitted has been fantastic, and I love it when I receive new ones. I find them inspiring and entertaining! I use them as a resource, for example when I’m feeling a bit down or my motivation is flagging a little I’ll read More Than A Mummy… or Saffron Crafts – Created by a mum with a dream to start her own business . I’m always inspired by stories of other’s brave decision to start their own business as I know firsthand how daunting that can be.

I also love that we’ve now got a recipe and a couple of tutorials on the site! I’ve not yet had a go at the tutorials on the site as I can’t even sew on a button! I once attempted to use a sewing machine at school to make a t-shirt and somehow ended up sewing the end of the sleeve to not only the t-shirt neck, but also the foot of the sewing machine.

The articles by Tanya from Wiggle Waggle have also got me motivated to get off my (steadily increasing!) bottom and do a bit more exercise! Not that there’s that much time at the moment but I’ve decided that I need to get healthy and have joined the gym! I will write about my experiences soon.

Jill. x

Friday, 18 November 2011

The BIG Christmas Baby Shower

The BIG Christmas Baby Shower
Sunday 4th December 2011

Renaissance City Centre Hotel Manchester
M3 2EQ

Call: 0785-570-9034

Friday, 7 October 2011

October Newsletter

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Cake Competition Winners

We recently ran a competition on our More Than Mummies Facebook page for mums who make children's cakes. Although we had many entries, no two cakes were at all alike. The winners were decided by votes and there was a prize for both the winner and the runner up. In the end it was a really close finish!
As well as some lovely goodies, part of the prize was a feature about the winner and the runner up here on the blog. The winner will also appear in the August edition of our newsletter, and the runner up will get mentioned in the editorial.
The winner was Michelle from Michelle's Cakes with this fantastic R2D2 cake!

Here’s a little bit more about Michelle's Cakes...

I started making and decorating cakes about 18 months ago and I’m completely self taught. We had lots of eggs from our new pet chickens and after I stopped smoking, I found myself getting peace from this new found hobby! I started doing cakes for everybody and whenever there was an occasion or celebration, I made a cake!

Then in August last year I shared some photos with my friends on Facebook and they encouraged me to set up my own page. I did this with no great confidence really but before I knew it people were asking if I could make a cake for them too. I wasn’t really sure I was up to the challenge but I thought I would have a go! Consequently I have spent the last 12 months building a portfolio of pictures up and covering my cost etc.

Since hearing about the More Than Mummies cake competition, entering and winning (!) things have just gone from busy to overwhelming and I now have the confidence to go out there and make anything for anyone!

I have even now made steps towards setting Michelle's Cakes up as an official business and we should hopefully be up and running within the next month!

I really love what I do and I feel so blessed I have discovered my hidden talent. I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me and given me the chance to make them a cake! I am very much so looking forward to what the future holds for Michelle’s Cakes!

“Homemade cakes made with good quality ingredients including fresh free range eggs from our own pet hens, giving a beautiful rich flavour & a fantastic deep yellow coloured sponge. Each cake is personally made & unique to your requests!”


The runner up in our children's cake competition was The Grove Coach Kitchen, facebook page -!/pages/The-Grove-Coach-Kitchen/127909383923740 with this fantastic Super Mario Cake!

Here’s a little bit more about The Grove Coach Kitchen...

The Grove Coach Kitchen was first "born" when I decided that I needed something more in my life other than the daily ritual of school runs and housework! I have always enjoyed cooking (especially sweet things!) so I thought that I would try my hand at making some cakes. After extensive recipe experiments (and lots of cake eating!) I have built a nice selection of recipes to use.

One of the things which always disappointed me about cakes, were that they would look great, but then taste disappointing and dry. I decided that I wanted a cake that would look good, but taste better! With this in mind, we use the eggs from our own chickens, the best butter and flour available and we always bake our cakes at the last possible moment to ensure high quality, home-made freshness.

Our first event was on Saturday 19th June 2010 and it was at my eldest son's school, Summer Fair. The day and night before the event, the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it! However, we persevered and when we set-up at the school fair, crowds descended and we sold everything in under 45 minutes! People were so complementary about everything, they commented that they had never seen anything like it before.

From there, the business has grown and grown steadily, we are making and baking on a daily basis for orders being collected and the future looks very bright! As I work it around my 2 young boys, it means I get very little sleep and can be often found working until 2/3am, but it means I am always around for my boys and they enjoy looking at new cakes and meeting customers!

I would urge anyone who is thinking about doing something similar to just go for it and see where it takes you!

A very big thank you to all who took part in our competition they were all wonderful entries and there really are some very talented and creative mums out there. It was very close all the way to the finish and there was some fantastic support and the competition was really good spirited. Once again I look forward to running more competitions in the future.

Jill. x

Card Competition Winners

We recently ran a competition on our More Than Mummies Facebook page for mums who make greetings cards. Although we had many entries, each card was unique and no two were at all alike. The winners were decided by votes and there was a prize for both the winner and the runner up. In the end there were only 5 votes in it!

As well as some lovely goodies, part of the prize was a feature about the winner and the runner up here on the blog. The winner will also appear in the August edition of our newsletter, and the runner up will get mentioned in the editorial.

The winner was Karen from Silver Fairy Dust Creations with this beautiful card for a new baby girl.

Find Silver Fairy Dust Creations on Facebook:

They make cards for lots of different occasions and here are a few more examples of their lovely cards:

Slideshow of cards by: Silver Fairy Dust Creations

The runner up in our card competition was Relatively Pink, facebook page with this beautiful card.
Here’s a little bit more about them...

My name is Celaine and I live in Rugby with my husband Pete, his daughter Stacie, our 2 moggies Beanz & Tippy and our Snake Conkers! I work full time as an accounts manager but in my spare time I just love to craft. I have alway been a crafty person and have always done cross stitch, knitting, crochet and now card making. It all started a few years ago when we made all of our own wedding stationary and it just grew from there really. I work full time as an accounts manager but in my spare time I just love to craft. Me and my brother Seb always used to get together and craft and we started making cards for fun together and we were getting a fair few orders that we decided to take it to the next level so we started Relatively Pink......

It is run by myself and my brother Seb. We are just starting up so trying to grow our customer base at the moment and get ourselves out there. We do it part time around our families and full time jobs. We make cards for all sorts of occasions including wedding invitations and stationary. We also make paper wedding bouquets and bunting. There are a few samples on our facebook page which we can recreate or we can design something totally new and personal to a customers requirements. We are thrilled to have come second in the card competition and thank every one that voted for my entry. Pop on over to our facebook page and have a look - we look forward to seeing you! x

A very big thank you to all who took part in our card competition they were all wonderful entries and there really are some very talented and creative mums out there. It was very close all the way to the finish and there was some fantastic support, encouragement and also banter. I look forward to running more competitions in the future.
Jill. x

Monday, 3 October 2011

More Than Mummies Update - September

September 1st saw the launch of our website and since its launch we’ve had 5000 visitors and we now have just over 300 businesses in our More Than Mummies High Street Directory!

We have also added some fabulous new features to our website. A popular theme last month was children’s parties with articles from Precious Moments Stationery and Best Kids Party, and also some insightful articles on deciding to become a franchisee. Below is a list of all the articles adding during September (click on the titles to read the full articles).

How Not to go Stark Staring Mental!

Win a One Year’s Subscription to Reading Eggs

This month’s showcase is Halloween themed and we have a lovely variety of items made or sold by mums perfect for Halloween parties or trick or treat with the kids! We still have a few spaces left for items in our showcase, if you would like to add your item free of charge please see the Showcase page for more details. (Photos must be submitted by 10th October.)

We have a new competition running throughout October Win a One Year’s Subscription to Reading Eggs and there’s still time to enter our competition to Win a £50 voucher from Babatude! (Which closes on the 15th October.)  We will also be running a little giveaway each week on our Twitter page in October! And will be announcing another photo voting style competition very soon!
We would also like to give a big mention to our October Newsletter Sponsor Canvas All Stars!

September has been so busy that I haven't been able to write any new blog posts but the blog will be continuing!

Jill. x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Newsletter

September Newsletter
(printed version)

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Would you like to get your advert seen by potentially 10,000+ people? Why not advertise in our newsletter?

From just £7 per month (no minimum term) your banner/logo advert will appear on our newsletter and at the bottom of the sidebar on the blog.

Or from £15 per month you could be our newsletter sponsor (like the Canvas All Stars ad in August) and appear near the top of the sidebar on the blog (only 1 sponsor place)

The email newsletter and blog advert will have a direct link to your website, Facebook page or etsy shop etc.

And on the day it is sent out any contributors or advertisers will get a big mention on this Facebook page as well as on More Than Mummies and on our Twitter page too!

We also print out and distribute copies at any events we attend.

There is only limited space available so if you are interested in finding out more please email for more details or to discuss further. No minimum monthly term to advertise with us. Discounts may be available for longer terms. X