Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hello And Welcome To My Blog!

Before I introduce myself I must tell you that this is my first attempt at blogging and I’m actually a little nervous about what to write! I’ve designed this page too so I apologise if it’s a little basic, I’m learning as I go along. Don’t worry, I’m not designing the website myself, I’ve enlisted some expert help! Anyway, here goes, a little bit of info on me. My name is Jill and I live in Salford, England with my hubby to-be and our six month old son.
I was a mature student in the third year of a Psychology degree when I found out I was pregnant, and although I managed to graduate, I had no job to go back to, and if I’d been able to even find a new job in this economic climate, I was worried it wouldn’t pay enough to cover the costs of sending my little one to nursery. So I thought I’d have a go at turning my hobby of drawing and painting into a way of making some extra money whilst still being able to stay at home and look after my son. I just wanted something that I could do and still have control over my schedule and not miss out on him growing up. I’m sure most mums with a business or who make things to sell will sympathise with me on this one.
I was trying, with some success, to sell some of my little paintings on Ebay, however there’s only so much drawing and painting you can do with a little on asleep on your knee! So I decided to create the Facebook page Yummy Mummies – Business Mums as a way to bring together likeminded mums who wanted to network and promote the things they make, sell or do. I know there are already business mums/work from home mums groups but I wanted somewhere a little more fun! Hence the “Yummy Mummies”!
When I started it in mid March 2011 I thought that if I was lucky I may get 200 mums joining our little Facebook community by the end of the year, but to my surprise we had 300 ‘likers’ in the first week. It wasn’t just the amount of mums joining our page that made me want to take it a step further and create a website but also the things they made or sold really impressed me. Especially when you bear in mind that they are looking after children and most likely running a house too!
I’ve always loved things that are unique, bespoke and not common. Especially when they are things that people have put thought and effort into making. I love it when people ask me where I’ve got something from because they haven’t seen anything like it in the shops! I hope the website will be able to draw attention to these wonderful items as well as being somewhere where you will have an opportunity to promote what you do. Whether it be your skills or businesses or even your hobbies or good causes.
Our website (I call it ‘our’ as I don’t see it just as mine) is still in the planning stages and I hope to tell you more about it very soon.
Jill. x

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Natalya said...

This is Great! Can't wait for the site to be up and running!

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