Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I’m Learning As I Go Along!

Even though I’ve been using the internet for ages and have had a personal Facebook page for about four years, all this is other stuff is very new to me - the Facebook business page, Twitter and blogging etc. So in case anyone else, like me, is still getting to grips with it all, I’ll keep adding things that I have found helpful. I’m not very technical so please correct me if I’m totally off the mark!
Facebook – Vanity URL
When you have at least 25 likers on your Facebook page you can assign a Vanity URL to your page, which means you can give it an address without the long list of numbers after your name. Ours is now but before I changed it, it would have been something similar with a load of numbers following it.
As far as I’m aware, assigning your page its own Vanity URL is beneficial as it not only makes your link easier to remember but it also looks a lot neater and more professional when you use it as a link or include it on a business card or in your emails. I’m not sure how you find it when you’re on Facebook; the only way I’ve got to it is with this link:
After following the link (and signing in if you need to) you then get to choose to which of your pages you’d like to assign a Vanity URL, you then type in what you’d like your URL to be and see if it’s available. They are unique so an identical name to your page may not be available if someone else has already used it. Please be aware, once you’ve chosen your URL name you cannot change it! So make sure you’re happy with it and check for any spelling mistakes (I nearly got mine wrong!). Once you’ve completed it you should have a much neater Facebook page address! I do hope that helps.
On a slightly different note, as I recently found out, you can’t change the title of your Facebook page once you have more than 100 likers. That’s why we now have two pages, Yummy Mummies - Business Mums and the new More Than Mummies. We will keep using them both, so feel free to post on either! Or both!
Jill. x

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Great! Thanks Jill, that was really useful and I've shared it with other friends who have business pages x

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