Thursday, 21 April 2011

Internet Things I Should Have Known But Didn’t!

These are probably things you already know, but just in case you don’t here are a few things that I have recently found out or been told which may be of use. I feel like they are things I really should have known but didn’t! Sometimes I seem to learn more complicated things before the basics!
New tabs on your browser: If you want to open a link without having to open a new window hover your mouse over the link and when it looks like a little hand, use your right mouse button and it should bring up a list of options, including opening the link in a new window or a new tab. I often find tabs easier to navigate than lots of different windows and sometimes have one window with lots of tabs open.
Finding something on a website page: When you are looking for something in particular on a page and you don’t want to read the whole article to look for it you can search for key words. To do this hold down 'Ctrl' and press the ‘F’ key, you should then see a box in the top left hand corner that says find, you then just type in the key words you are looking for and it should direct you to them and highlight them. There is a next and previous option to keep searching or go back. This also works in other programs like Microsoft Word.
Zip files for emails: If you want to email someone a folder containing a few documents or photos it is sometimes easier to use a zip file. It reduces the file size making it quicker to attach to your email and quicker for the recipient to download it. To do this right mouse click on your documents folder, choose ‘send to’ and then ‘compressed (zipped) folder’. It then makes a copy of your original file in a compressed format, so you’ll have two your original and the compressed one. Then just attach your zip file to your email. 
I’m sure there are lots more to come across and if there are any you think would be useful please leave a comment. I think I’m part of the generation that have been using computers and the internet since we were in our teens and but no one actually taught us how to use them! I’m young enough, at 29, for people to expect me to know all these basics yet when I was at school it was not then a part of the standard education. So that’s why I feel like I’m still finding lots out and I’m on a really steep learning curve! I don’t have the time or inclination to read a big book, so tend to find things out as I need them with the help of my partner, an IT consultant, or (if I’m too embarrassed to ask him when it’s something really simple!) Google!
Jill. x

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