Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Little Bit Of Money Saving!

It’s Easter bank holiday weekend and we’re trying to get our house looking nice for the summer. After moving in nearly two years ago we have finally (well, nearly!) done all the decorating! So, we’ve now got a few things to buy to finish it all off and I've been on the internet this afternoon searching for a big rug for the dining room! I’ve started to do a lot of my shopping online, everything from presents to the weekly supermarket shop, even if I see something in a shop I’ll often wait until I get home and purchase it online.
One of the reasons I do this is to do price comparisons, but another reason I do it is so I can get ‘cash back’. There are internet sites that will pay ‘cash back’ into your bank account if you go through their site to make a purchase. The one I use is, but there are others too. As well as ‘cash back’ these sites also give you special offers or voucher codes which can end up saving you even more money.
I don’t really know about the competitors, but Quidco offer cash back from all types of retailers from Debenhams, John Lewis, Next, and M&S (just to name a few!) to the big supermarkets ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, to insurance providers and gas and electricity providers. It’s worth going to their site to have a look at all the different shops and the discounts they offer! (I once got £60 back for my car insurance!)
To use a site like this and get cash back, you first need to sign up with them. When you want to buy something from one of the retailers, you login to the site (Quidco for example) search for the retailer (e.g. Debenhams) look through the offers to get any voucher codes that apply and then click ‘get cashback’. It would then take you to Debenhams website for you to make your purchase.
Once you’ve made your purchase you’ll get an email (could be 24hrs later) saying that your purchase has been tracked and what cash back you are due back. Retailers vary on how long the cash back takes to be paid. Sometimes you can wait up to three months, but it’s still worth doing. The site also gives details on how quickly each retailer takes to track, confirm and then pay your cash back. Any cash back is paid into your bank account. You pay them a £5 a year admin fee (unless the amount has changed) which is taken out of your first cash back payment.
I’ve been using Quidco for a couple of years and it has certainly saved me money especially on big purchases like appliances or car insurance! A couple of things to bear in mind; read all the instructions, a couple of times my purchase hasn’t been tracked and this could have been due to a couple of reasons. I think you can only have that one browser open and you can’t have things stored, i.e. items waiting to be bought on the retailer’s site. It has to be a brand new transaction (I hope that makes sense).
How can I explain this better? Hmmm, ok, if for example you’re on Debenhams’ website and have put a few items in your basket and then you remember that you can use Quidco and get some cash back. You might leave Debenhams’ site to return via Quidco to qualify for the cash back. By leaving Debenhams the items you put in your basket may have be saved as cookies on your computer. And when you return the items could still be there, so it may not qualify as a brand new transaction. I’m sure it’s explained much better on Quidco’s website!
What I tend to do before using Quidco is clear my browsing history to delete anything that maybe saved. To do this click on ‘safety’ on your internet toolbar and then ‘delete browsing history’, Note: this will delete any passwords you have saved so for anything you automatically sign in to (eg. Facebook, maybe) you will have to sign in again.
I hope this helps, I'd certainly recommend going to have a nosy! I only thought about it as I’ve bought a new filing cabinet and some printer cartridges, used Euroffice via Quidco, and I have just had an email saying I’ll be getting £16 cash back! Might not be a fortune but every little helps!
As an aside, for anyone with a larger business, it may be worth looking at sites like these to register your own business. I have no idea how it works from the retailers point of view, but there’s no doubt these types of sites will become more popular.

Follow this link to check it out for yourself: Quidco
Jill. x


dizzytina said...

Hi Jill I love quidco too and I agree you can certainly save money I too have been using it for a few years Tina

Jill said...

I think it's great and just wanted to tell everyone about it! I'm always gutted when I forget to use it for something! X

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