Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Work/Home Life Balance

The Easter bank holiday weekend has got me thinking about my work/home life balance. The weekend has been great as I’ve had the help of my partner to look after my son, enabling me to catch up on some outstanding, yet rather boring, admin things (mainly a huge pile of filing that has accumulated since the start of the year! L) and work on ideas and content for the website. However, this is an exception as he's usually very busy working!
As much as working for myself, at home, has its benefits, it also has its issues. On the plus side, I feel I do have more control over my daily schedule and therefore get to spend time in the day with my little boy. I tend to work when he’s happily playing on his own, having a nap or has gone to bed, and at the moment the balance is ok. I am failing to mention the housework which has somewhat got pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list! I am working on how I’m going to include it in the big day time juggling act!
It’s very different from a nine to five job and I generally start my working day as soon as I’m up, which is usually anywhere between 6am and 7.30am depending on baby! After giving him his first bottle and breakfast I’ll sit down with a cup of tea and check my emails, have a bit of a catch up and plan my itinerary for the day. I then work intermittently, fitting in with the little one, throughout the day, and then usually have another proper catch up when he’s gone to bed around 8pm. This evening catch up can be anywhere between an hour and five hours! I wouldn’t change it though, I love having the opportunity to spend time with my little one and not miss out on his development.
On the down side, besides the lack of a certain regular income, I find I often get carried away working! My partner also has a busy work schedule and can, on occasion, work well into the night so I do foresee it sometimes being hard to spend time together as a couple. We’re also engaged and progress on the wedding is really slow, well, non-existent! Although when we are ready to sit down and plan it I now know where to find a wonderful range of businesses and ideas!
My father was a business man, an entrepreneur and a workaholic! As a child I don’t remember spending very much time with him and was aware he was always busy! I don’t want this to be the case in my family. Even though I still managed to have a great relationship with my dad as the time we did spend together was always fun, I would have loved to have spent much more time with him. Looking back I really appreciate the opportunities and experiences I had because of him and his career choices, and sincerely hope I can offer the same to my son, but with a lot more time as a family too. After all he is my motivation behind all of this.
Jill. x

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