Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our Upcoming Website – More Than Mummies

Due to the success of our Facebook page, Yummy Mummies – Business Mums, and as a way to help promote our mums I’ve decided to create a website, http://www.morethanmummies.com/. That will hopefully be up and running inn June. I still can’t give too much away, but I hope it will be somewhere where you can show off and promote what you do, whether it be a business or a hobby. I also hope it will also be somewhere informative and a little entertaining too, and where you can join in and contribute to. All will soon be revealed!
You may be wondering why the name is different to our Facebook page? Well although I love the ‘Yummy Mummies’ theme, after a bit of google-ing I came across a charity with a similar name and out of respect for them I decided not to use it. After much thought and deliberation I settled on ‘More Than Mummies’. It’s so hard choosing a name! I thought this would still be quite fun and in keeping with the image I’d like to portray, however I must confess I was concerned about the Egyptian connotation! Even now when I click on the link to our future website, I smile at all the advertisements for Nile cruises! Better get a temporary page up quick!
Now the name’s sorted the next task is the logo. I’m using the same image from the Yummy Mummies page as a temporary one, but it’s only one I did myself really quickly so a new more professional one is definitely needed!

 The website and logo design is in the hands of a friend of mine and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we come up with.
Jill. x


Lisa said...

Looking forward to the website Jill! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Please feel free to drop by my blog 'Of Millinery & Motherhood', once you've got the website ready to go let me know and I'll post about it for you too!!


Jill said...

Thank you Lisa. x

jexexy said...

- kewl blogg :)
awesome logo where can i go to get one ? do u know of any free sites ?

Jill said...

Thank you. The logo is just one I did myself. I don't know of any free sites but I can ask on my facebook page if you like?

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