Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Some More Ways To Promote Your Business And Increase Sales

Following on from our previous blog post on how to promote your business on a very small budget, here are some more suggestions on how to promote your business and also increase your sales.
1. Exchange business cards or flyers with other businesses in your area that complement yours. For example if your business is related to the wedding industry, make contacts with different businesses within that industry. So if you make invitations find a local cake maker or chair cover hire business. Leave them some of your cards and take some of theirs, help each other out in finding new clients.
2. Donate an item you make to a charity or one of your children’s school events. Once again make sure it has a label on or is in a package containing a business card so people know where it originally came from.
You may wonder why I keep going on about business cards and labels with your name and logo on and links to your pages in the previous post. The reason I think these things are so important is because by keep reminding people what your business name or brand is you reinforce it in their memory. Whatever your business is there is bound to be a lot of competition, so your business needs to stand out and be remembered. If reminding people of your name or brand wasn’t important it wouldn’t be on all major shops carrier bags or receipts. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, if you’ve got a printer you can make your own business cards or compliments slip, or look out for printing companies who are doing special or introductory offers.
The next points relate more to increasing your sales of items you make or things you stock in your shop.
3. Follow the fashions! By this I don’t mean you have to buy Vogue! Stay up to date with which styles and colours are in fashion and make or sell items that complement things people can buy on the high street. This also applies to children’s items, I’m sure there must be surveys on the internet as to which cartoons or toys are the most popular at the moment.
4. Add a reviews section to your website or a review app to your Facebook page. Positive feedback is excellent in encouraging customers to buy your items.
5. Take time and care doing any photographs. The photographs you use to show off your items can encourage or put off potential buyers. Have a look at some of the professional photographer’s websites to see what kind of background colours they use and see if you can get some inspiration. Also have a look at major shops’ websites or catalogues to see how they photograph their items, for example when showing pictures of bracelets do they show examples on their own or are they on someone’s wrist? They’ve probably spent lots of money on research into people’s buying habits, so take note! If you are investing in a website, it may be worth hiring a professional photographer to photograph your products at their best, but this is entirely up to you and your budget.
6. Organise your photos and clearly label your albums, especially on Facebook! Organise your photos in albums and label each one clearly so people can easily find what they are looking for. Remove any photos of items that are no longer available.
7. Include lots of information in the description of your items. For example what it’s made out of or any additional colours you have available. Make sure buyers know the measurements of your items so they are not disappointed. Also be clear about any waiting times on items that are made to order.
8. If you have any matching items suggest them it’s called link selling (if you search for the term it’s nothing to do with website links!). If you show a picture of a necklace and you’re have some matching earrings for sale make sure you mention them. Or if you sell cards let people know that similar designs are available for other occasions.
Once again I hope these help and I will keep adding any new tips. If there's something you think I could help with or write about please email me. My address is under info on the Facebook page:
When we launch our website we are hoping to offer other novel ways to promote your business for free and I hope to give you more details of how you can get involved very soon. Please keep adding your items to our Facebook pages as I love seeing what people make or sell!
Jill. x


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The information that you gather is very useful Jill, thank you, from Tracy x

Jill said...

Thank you, I'm so pleased you find them useful. X

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Great tips!!

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Thanks for spending the time to do this, picked up some useful pointers...would be great if folk could leave which fb review app is the best to use, from Patricia Clay Mackinnon of layla-bo-bayla

Metal Munchiez said...

Again, fantasticly usefull information! I shall be giving my page a complete overhaul soon!

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Great article. Very useful for my new online business.
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Useful information and great for beginners :-)

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Thank you for your tips and help i will use it to the best i can,thank you again. Hugaboo Customs.

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