Friday, 6 May 2011

Being A Mum!

I love being a mum! If you’d told me when I was younger that this is how I’d feel once I’d had a baby I don’t think I would have believed you! I was never really maternal and couldn’t imagine myself with a baby, but now he’s here it’s just the best thing ever! I love him more than I can possibly describe and would do anything for him. My life has indeed changed beyond recognition.
When my partner and I first moved into our house together, I was quietly weighing up how I could get him to let me turn our small single spare bedroom into my own little walk-in wardrobe! Little did I know that only a few months later we’d be planning on how best to set it up as a nursery. I might add that the majority of the clothes that were going to go in my walk-in wardrobe no longer fit and are currently enjoying a little holiday in the loft until slimmer days are here again!
You take for granted that you’ll have to deal with crying, dirty nappies, baby sick on your clothes and sleep deprivation. Some things are easier to become accustomed to than others! The stinky nappies you get used to pretty quickly (although I do still have the occasional gag!) but the lack of sleep is another matter! I think we’re over the worst of it now and I think we’ve had it pretty easy compared to some, although we’re just entering the teething phase so I won’t speak too soon!
There are many little things I didn’t anticipate though, one being how much I would come to appreciate a hot cup of tea or eating a sandwich without interruption! The once simple things have now become a luxury. I didn’t realise that when I sat down with a hot drink or something to eat it would signal to baby that it’s time to fill his nappy!
I also failed to realise that in a very short space of time my once comprehensive knowledge of current pop songs would be replaced by CBeebies theme tunes! I’m not sure if I can name any songs in the charts at the moment but I can sing all the words to the songs in ‘In The Night Garden’! When the radio’s on in the car, I feel a little out of touch to say the least.
I know these are trivial things but your life changes on so many levels, big and small. I now have the responsibility of a little person relying on me for everything, from being fed to being clean and depending on me and my partner to make important decisions on his behalf. No pressure! Before he was here, all I had to thing about was me and what I wanted, now he is my priority and my main concern is that I do what’s best for him. Even when I do the weekly shop I buy him all organic fruit and veg and forget all about me and other half! He gets the best grub going and we get a few too many ‘random tea’ nights where I just make up meals with what ever’s left in the cupboard or freezer! We’ve had all sorts of weird concoctions.
All in all it’s so far been the most wonderful time in my life, seeing this little person grow and develop is amazing. A whole day of crying is quickly forgotten about when he gives me a huge smile, or even better, a little giggle! I’ll be totally blown away the first time he says mum!
Jill. x

One of my favourite pictures of my little boy! x

Just something to share, I don't know who the author is as I was just sent this in a text message on mothers day:

  We traded sleep for dark circles,
 salon haircuts for ponytails,
long baths for quick showers, late nights for early mornings,
 designer bags for school bags and we wouldn't change a thing!!
 We call ourselves mums and we don't care about what we gave up and instead LOVE is what we get in return!!
That's what being a mum is all about!!
- Author Unknown


Lisa said...

Love this post Jill!!

It is amazing how much something so tiny can take over your life! I agree with you on all of this!! I can sing you Rastamouse, Peppa Pig and Dora!! I've been pee'd on and had sick in my hair... had sleepless nights and stressful days... but I wouldn't change it for the world!!

Lisa xxx

Jill said...

Thank you. I even sing these tunes when I'm out and about, anyone that hears me must think I'm mad! X

Donna said...

I remember those days & it still brings a smile to my face. I wouldn't have changed a thing. My two are now becoming teenagers & I'm still loving being a mum - watching them blossom as they slowly change into adults. They are well behaved & respectful, thriving at school & hard working. They are like this because they've had boundaries as they've grown up & consequences for bad behaviour. It's hard work, but soooo worth it!
Enjoy everyday with your little boy!!

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