Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Showcases and Competitions

In order to help give our mums an opportunity for their items to be seen we will be running various competitions and product showcases.
Initially I was hoping that this would be something that could be combined and done on Facebook by adding an album of photos that could be voted on by the use of the like button. However after becoming aware that this was not permitted under Facebook rules I then had to find other ways to do this. I was really gutted as I thought voting in this way would be simple to set up and easy for any voters to use.
For anyone planning any type of competition on Facebook please see:
Once our website is up and running I will most likely run the majority of competitions on there but until then I still wanted to do something on Facebook to help get our mum’s items seen! So this is what I’m doing for now, showcases and competitions run through an application provided by

Showcases – We will be doing some showcases on our Facebook pages. We already have a Sock Monkey one on More Than Mummies (no more entries please) and a necklace one on Yummy Mummies – Business Mums (entries for the necklace one is until 31st May. See the notes section on that page for more details).
These showcases will be non competitive and are purely an opportunity for your items to be seen and hopefully get you some new interest in your items. I will do a photo collage of the items in each showcase for here on the blog too to try and give you a bit more promotion and another opportunity for your items to be seen.
I will announce the next item to be showcased on our Facebook page/s in June and then there will be a limited time to send me your photos if you would like to be included. I will always try to give you plenty of notice and opportunity to send me your photos. I’m aiming to do a new showcase album each month on and hopefully by the end of the year there will have be a selection of different albums to browse through. Perfect if someone is looking for something. If at any point you would like a photo removed from an album just email me and I’ll take it out as soon as I can.
We will also do some more showcases on . We've just started one for items UK mums make or sell that would make good Father's Day presents! You have until 1st of June to email me ( with one photo and a short description including price and a link to your page or website.

As well as showing off our mums items in a showcase album, I will also be arranging some more competitions. (We currently have our first one running on More Than Mummies for UK mums who make cards). These competitions will most likely take place on our More Than Mummies page and will be open to UK only. Saying this, I am working on an idea for an international one to take place on the Yummy Mummies – Business Mums page.
In order to run these competitions I have to use an application from for it to be compliant with Facebook rules. These competition apps are not free to use so I’m not sure how often competitions will take place. It depends both on popularity and budget!
At the moment I have one planned to start on 27th May for Children’s cakes made by mums and then we may do another one for Sock Monkeys (however the Sock Monkeys may take place on the website depending on timescale).
My main aim is to give mums various opportunities to get involved with our Facebook page and in future our website and show off their items, products or skills for free, there will not be any charge to enter our competitions or showcases. I’m still in the process of finding out what’s popular and what works best so any feedback is really appreciated.
We will also be doing some wonderful giveaways as we get nearer to our website launch and I already have some gorgeous items that I can’t wait to give away! And there will be details of our first little giveaway in our first newsletter to be sent out in early June.
Jill. x
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Just to let you know, we are based in England and our newsletter and website will most likely appeal to UK mums, however we will also happily involve international businesses who wish to attract a UK or international audience. In this case it would be more suited to online businesses that dispatch items worldwide.

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