Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sock Monkey Showcase!

We recently held a little showcase on Facebook for our mums who make Sock Monkeys or Sock Animals. We got some fabulous entries and the wonderful examples of these lovely creations really brightened up and brought some fun to our Facebook page.
The most popular Sock Monkey was called Lady Leona and was submitted by Handmade Crafts of Letchworth.

"My name is Liz Wilkinson and I am a Hairdresser working with my husband in a Salon which we own in Hitchin Hertfordshire. I only work in there 3 days a week so the rest of the week is mine. As I have a love of craft I set up the group Handmade crafts of Letchworth on Facebook in 2010.
I mostly make Sock cuddleys (I don’t call them sock monkeys as cuddleys allows me to broaden what I can make) These are made from brand new socks, filled with carded polyester filling (which is hypo-allergenic and also conforms to the furniture and furnishings fire and safety regulations 1988, and to british standards BS5852) I use Black felt for their eyes as this makes them safe for children.
Before I started making sock cuddleys I was making items from polymer clay but due to having problems with my hands being constantly cold molding the clay became difficult in cold weather so I was looking for something different to make and came across sock monkey making on youtube. After seeing a few different styles I tried making my first cuddley and I was so proud of myself so much so that I took it to work and made sure everyone saw! I have adapted my style and now im very pleased with how they look. Each cuddley I make has a handmade crafts of Letchworth Label behind the left ear so there is no doubt where it came from.
No two cuddleys are made identical, I can use the same style sock more than once though but they will not turn out completely the same.
These seem popular with the people in my group as they are light in weight and very squishy, it took a little while to find the stuffing that I was completely satisfied with but now that I have found it I buy 5kilos at a time!
Socks these days are so whacky and colorful making fantastic cuddleys, they can be made to colour co ordinate pram colours, bedroom colours or favorite colour. They make great gifts for birthdays, christenings, anniversaries wedding gifts for bridesmaids/pageboys birth of a new baby the list goes on! One of my oldest members is 74 and she has just purchased her 3rd cuddley and my youngest was bought by its mummy to take to hospital when she went into labour!
I try and get at least 20 made a week, this is just me making them on my own, but I am currently training someone up to come and help out once in a while to help get my order list down.

I run my group on an order basis, each Friday night I upload photos of around 10 – 15 pairs of new socks for people to choose to be made into cuddleys as there are over 1400 members, these go very quick! Some people send me personal or special socks to be made so this normally gives me around 20 to make each week. I charge £9.50 for a large cuddley (usually size 4 – 7) and £7.50 for a smaller one (size 12 – 3)."

We will be meeting a little Sock Monkey from Handmade Crafts of Letchworth very soon and he (or she!) will be a prize for a future competition. That’s if we don’t fall in love with him and are just not able to give him away! J

This is a little collage of all the wonderful items in the showcase. They are available to view in an album on and details of who made them and where they are available to buy are underneath each photo.

Jill. x

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