Thursday, 23 June 2011

Starting to Crawl!

My son has recently started crawling which is wonderful although I could really do with another set of eyes, and hands as he’s getting quicker by the day!

This is a little clip of when he first started crawling,  he look's a little startled when he crashes into his toy but doesn't cry. He’s since improved and is now pretty much a top speed!

His main aim seems to be to seek out and eat the remote control and failing that he turns his attention to reaching the coals in the fireplace. We’ve had to temporarily block off the fireplace with boxes until we get a fire guard, our living room looks as if we’re moving! Our little dogs also tend to hide as soon as they see him coming.
I think the upcoming weekend could be filled with choosing baby gates and general baby proofing!

Jill. x

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