Monday, 25 July 2011

The Online Tutoring Revolution

Article by: Sue Bailey

Did you know that a quarter of all children across the country are regularly tutored and in many areas this figure increases to more than three quarters? Tutoring is considered by parents for many reasons – to supplement their child’s school education, to prepare for exams and school entrance tests, to combat the school holiday learning loss issue, if their child is falling behind at school or indeed is ahead of their peers but their needs aren’t being met at school.

The problem is that with the cost of private home tutoring coming in at £20-50 per one hour session, per subject, per child, many families cannot afford to boost their children’s education this way which can leave them at a disadvantage, particularly in the battle for the “better” schools in their district. Many grammar schools in the country state that as many as ten students are applying for entrance to their school for every one available placement. Group study classes at around £25 per session aren’t any more cost effective. A large proportion of private tutors and group class leaders aren’t in fact qualified teachers, so parent’s hard earned funds are then being spent on people no more qualified to teach their children than they are themselves!

So it is with no surprise that a rapidly growing number of parents in this busy technological age are turning to online tutoring companies as a viable, more cost effective and more convenient alternative to the traditional tutoring methods.

There are many online tutoring companies available offering different services including game based exercises, targeted lessons, assessments, reports and tutoring via phone. Although many will include only one or two of these elements in their service, there are one or two which encompass them all at no additional expense.

The main benefits to online tutoring, besides the education boost and cost effectiveness, are:

- Parent’s can see in detail just how well their children are progressing.

- They can participate in their children’s education without the worry that they won’t have the knowledge needed to help them.

- The convenience of being able to use the services at any time is invaluable to busy family lives.

- Children themselves can feel more in control as they can study when they are actually in the mood rather than when they are scheduled to.

- Where a service offers game based exercises it provides them with far more motivation to study than simple dry text.

- Seeing their own progress on the system, using it for homework help or for help understanding whatever subject is currently troubling them is also a huge confidence boost for them.

A vast number of home educating parents regularly use online tutoring systems as well to aid in the structure of their children’s daily learning and to provide tangible proof that they are indeed educating their children to the Local Education Authority.

A study commissioned by the IITE (Institute for Information Technology in Education) states that in Europe and North America, as much as 80% of knowledge gained by the age of 11 is learnt from non-print media outside of the classroom.

Shouldn’t we then, as parents, have a little more control over what our children are learning for the majority of their lives in a way that won’t break the bank?

My Own Tutor is a personalised online home learning support system for students from Year 1 to GCSE level. The service concentrates on maths and English but supports all National Curriculum subjects for up to four students on one family membership.

Our service includes:

- Animated online lessons available 24/7.

- Practise exercises combined with fun games available 24/7.

- Qualified teacher support six days a week via free phone and online interactive whiteboards.

- An in depth reporting system for parents.

- Assessments and certificates.

Plus! Access to competitive online learning games and our My Own Discount Shopping club.

More Than Mummies Reader Offer

For readers of More Than Mummies, My Own Tutor is offering a two week FREE, no obligation trial of their system during which time you will be able to access all areas of the service. Included in this trial will be a guided tour of the system via telephone to ensure you can make the most of the service during this time.

To apply for your free trial, please visit and use the promotional code 1042 MTM.

Should you then decide to take up a one year membership with My Own Tutor before the summer holidays, you will receive the month of August for free!

Prize Draw!

Any families who sign up for a one year membership or more before the end of August will also be entered into a prize draw to win a 10” android tablet!

(Sources: Institute of Education, The IITE, Daily Telegraph, BBC Learning, The Guardian)

My Own Tutor provides a comprehensive learning support service for families throughout the UK. MOT has been designed by an expert group of teachers and parents who know what families need to help their children navigate through the educational journey that they are taking. Education of our children is always in the news and is a source of concern to many parents. My Own Tutor provides a very affordable way for parents to give effective learning support to their children.

All of the people at My Own Tutor are committed to helping families to get the best from their children’s education. Advisors should be enthusiastic, approachable and an excellent source of guidance and information for parents. As an Advisor you will be based at home, work flexible hours and will be part of a fantastic team delivering a service that can make a real difference to student’s lives.

Typically an Advisor would work 4-6 hours a week however, you can choose how many hours you wish to work for My Own Tutor. You don’t need to find child care to be able to carry out your role as an Advisor. You can fit working for My Own Tutor around your family commitments, earn a rewarding income and receive FREE membership for your family, simply by joining My Own Tutor Ltd. Whether it’s extra holiday money, an income boost - whatever you are looking for, your My Own Tutor business will benefit you and your family!

My Own Tutor is a job which brings enjoyment and fulfillment. The role of an MOT advisor is one which brings respect and a sense of doing something very worthwhile within the community at the same time as being financially rewarding. You will be responsible for spreading the word and subscribing parents to our fantastic educational services and in return you will be rewarded for your successes!

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