Friday, 7 October 2011

Cake Competition Winners

We recently ran a competition on our More Than Mummies Facebook page for mums who make children's cakes. Although we had many entries, no two cakes were at all alike. The winners were decided by votes and there was a prize for both the winner and the runner up. In the end it was a really close finish!
As well as some lovely goodies, part of the prize was a feature about the winner and the runner up here on the blog. The winner will also appear in the August edition of our newsletter, and the runner up will get mentioned in the editorial.
The winner was Michelle from Michelle's Cakes with this fantastic R2D2 cake!

Here’s a little bit more about Michelle's Cakes...

I started making and decorating cakes about 18 months ago and I’m completely self taught. We had lots of eggs from our new pet chickens and after I stopped smoking, I found myself getting peace from this new found hobby! I started doing cakes for everybody and whenever there was an occasion or celebration, I made a cake!

Then in August last year I shared some photos with my friends on Facebook and they encouraged me to set up my own page. I did this with no great confidence really but before I knew it people were asking if I could make a cake for them too. I wasn’t really sure I was up to the challenge but I thought I would have a go! Consequently I have spent the last 12 months building a portfolio of pictures up and covering my cost etc.

Since hearing about the More Than Mummies cake competition, entering and winning (!) things have just gone from busy to overwhelming and I now have the confidence to go out there and make anything for anyone!

I have even now made steps towards setting Michelle's Cakes up as an official business and we should hopefully be up and running within the next month!

I really love what I do and I feel so blessed I have discovered my hidden talent. I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me and given me the chance to make them a cake! I am very much so looking forward to what the future holds for Michelle’s Cakes!

“Homemade cakes made with good quality ingredients including fresh free range eggs from our own pet hens, giving a beautiful rich flavour & a fantastic deep yellow coloured sponge. Each cake is personally made & unique to your requests!”


The runner up in our children's cake competition was The Grove Coach Kitchen, facebook page -!/pages/The-Grove-Coach-Kitchen/127909383923740 with this fantastic Super Mario Cake!

Here’s a little bit more about The Grove Coach Kitchen...

The Grove Coach Kitchen was first "born" when I decided that I needed something more in my life other than the daily ritual of school runs and housework! I have always enjoyed cooking (especially sweet things!) so I thought that I would try my hand at making some cakes. After extensive recipe experiments (and lots of cake eating!) I have built a nice selection of recipes to use.

One of the things which always disappointed me about cakes, were that they would look great, but then taste disappointing and dry. I decided that I wanted a cake that would look good, but taste better! With this in mind, we use the eggs from our own chickens, the best butter and flour available and we always bake our cakes at the last possible moment to ensure high quality, home-made freshness.

Our first event was on Saturday 19th June 2010 and it was at my eldest son's school, Summer Fair. The day and night before the event, the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it! However, we persevered and when we set-up at the school fair, crowds descended and we sold everything in under 45 minutes! People were so complementary about everything, they commented that they had never seen anything like it before.

From there, the business has grown and grown steadily, we are making and baking on a daily basis for orders being collected and the future looks very bright! As I work it around my 2 young boys, it means I get very little sleep and can be often found working until 2/3am, but it means I am always around for my boys and they enjoy looking at new cakes and meeting customers!

I would urge anyone who is thinking about doing something similar to just go for it and see where it takes you!

A very big thank you to all who took part in our competition they were all wonderful entries and there really are some very talented and creative mums out there. It was very close all the way to the finish and there was some fantastic support and the competition was really good spirited. Once again I look forward to running more competitions in the future.

Jill. x

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