Friday, 9 December 2011

One Little Cold and My Week’s a Write Off!

In my last blog post , Back to Blogging, I was determined to start writing on a more regular basis and I had been jotting some post ideas down (with thanks to Jodi for her comment!) and I was really looking forward to December to start my new good blogging intentions!

I’m always really busy at the beginning and end of the month getting the More Than Mummies Newsletter ready and sent and once that was done I was going to start writing my blog post ideas out and really try to get on top of it. That was last Friday!
Since then, after my son brought a cold back from a children’s birthday party last Saturday, all my plans have taken a back seat! My son and I have been suffering all week and as many of you will know it’s not so much the cold that’s the problem, it’s the lack of sleep from the little one constantly waking up because of a stuffy nose or a cough.
It’s not just my blogging that’s been a little sidelined, I’ve intended each day this week to go to the Trafford Centre and get my Christmas shopping well underway before it gets too busy and that just hasn’t happened!
Everyone I speak seems to be experiencing the same thing at the moment with one thing or another, flu, colds, coughs etc. I’m not sure if I’m noticing it more now I’m a mum but I’ve definitely been more under the weather this year than ever before.
I’m in half a mind to not leave the house (or let anyone in!) during the week before Christmas so we don’t catch anything else we’re all fit and healthy for Christmas day!
Anyway, I will be aiming to blog more regularly (fingers crossed!) and I wish you all good health and a cold and flu free run up to Christmas!

Jill x

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