Friday, 27 January 2012

Finally a blog post! My Poorly Little Boy and Claire's Article.

Finally, I have some time to sit down with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio and relax and write for the blog! I’ve been meaning to write at least once a week bust so far it just hasn’t happened.

It’s been a very hectic week, as well as adding many new articles and businesses to the website and some interesting meetings, my little boy hasn’t been well, both with new teeth coming through and on top of that now a nasty cold and just today infection in his eyes.

Before I became a mother I never realised how much time you could spend worrying about someone else. I was in a real panic today after he woke up after an afternoon nap with weeping eyes, it was awful his little eyes were all puffy and his eyelashes were stuck together with a mucusy discharge. I phoned the doctors straight away but at half two there was no way I was going to get an appointment today so I took him straight to Trafford hospital walk in centre where we got seen nearly straight away which was absolutely brilliant for a first time mum who is never sure what to do in these situations! Sometimes I worry I overreact, but then when you’ve got a 16 month old who can’t tell you how he feels and you can’t get anything for him over the counter at Boots what are you supposed to do?

And why is it that he always seems to be unwell on a Friday, when I can’t get a doctor’s appointment until the following week and you worry they’re going to get worse over the weekend and you’re a terrible mother for not psychically knowing they were going to be ill.

I’m still feeling a little stressed about it and now worrying how I’m going to be able to successfully give him eye drops every 2 hours tomorrow when our attempts today have been less than successful! If anyone has any tips how I can put drops in his eyes as easily for me and as stress free for him as possible please let me know.

This wasn’t what I was planning on writing about but as it’s been my main focus today it’s at the forefront of my mind.

I was going to write about the article Claire Gibbs wrote for our website as I found it really moving and really resonated with my own story. If you haven’t read it yet please take a look it’s really inspiring Claire’s Crafts – One Mum’s Story of Setting Up Her Own Craft Business and I think a lot of mums will be able to relate to her story.

It really reminded me of when I decided I wanted to set up the website; I’d started the Yummy Mummies – Business Mums Facebook page and hadn’t said anything to my partner as I thought he’d laugh at me! Then after it seemed to be popular I thought I’d like to start a website and as he’s an I. T. consultant I thought I would ask him what he thought. I was so nervous and kept putting it off and then finally one day while we were having a nice family lunch at Pizza Hut I thought I would broach the subject. He was really surprised as it had come out of nowhere, but was very supportive and encouraged me to have a go and set up my own business and website. I was hoping he’d be able to help me with the website but it wasn’t an area he knew anything about so I then had to tell someone else about my idea!

This was just as scary, letting other people into this little world of plans that I had kept to myself; but there was no way of progressing without help from others so I sent an email to a friend of mine, Gareth, who was a graphic designer. He listened to what I wanted and envisioned and once again didn’t laugh at me and was very supportive. And in my opinion has done a fantastic job in designing the logo and the website. Especially as I was a little wishy washy at the start and the ideas seemed to come together as the website was under construction.

I still needed some advice on the business side of things and therefore had to tell yet another person about my plans. Arggghhh! This was probably the most nerve wracking as it was my Uncle Stuart who’s opinion I value highly. As an accountant he advised me what I needed to take into consideration and how I should next proceed and once again gave me the encouragement to just have a go, and if it all went wrong at least I would have tried and would most likely have gained valuable skills that would assist me in a future career.

I didn’t tell anyone else until it was all up and running as, like Claire, I thought the fewer people that new the less people I had to explain to when it all went wrong. But I still wanted to have a go! J

I’ve always thought if I don’t give it a try, I’ve already failed!

If there’s something you believe in and want to try then go for it, it may not work out, but so what! You may have learned so much that it helps in all sorts of ways in the future. I’ll write something soon on all the things I have learned, and as a very none techie person I’m quite proud of myself!

Jill. X

From how they have helped me I am pleased to give a mention and recommendation to:

And Stuart  CRBH Accountants, Wigan, Lancs

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Claire said...

Aww, once again thank you so much again for giving me the oppurtunity to write for your website...and what a fantastic website it is too! I had no idea you would have started with the same way as I have, rather nervously. The way you can bring like minded people together under one big community is fantastic for us all. So a big thank you :)
I do hope your little boy is better now. Sounds like conjuctivitus I presumme? My eldest had a blocked tear duct from birth and finally had an op just before his 3rd birthday to fix this. But during those 'unfixed' years, everyday he would wake and Id have to bathe his eye before he could even open it and whislt it wasnt an infection, it would then sometimes turn into an infection so I feel for you about the drops. I don't think there is an 'easy' way of doing it really, telling a small child to open their eye while you drop liquid into it, isn't the greatest idea the medics ever thought of lol I found the best way was to drop it more towards the inner eye, he would instantly shut his eyes tight, but i would gently tilt his head , ear down towards his shoulder and as he opened his eye the drop would run into his eye...did any of that make sense? lol
Good luck with those drops and very well done for all your great achievments with the website :)

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