Monday, 9 January 2012

New Years Resolutions!

Well, the New Year has started and my resolutions aren’t really going too well, and not through lack of trying!
My main one was to make more effort to be healthier and get fitter and to hopefully lose a bit of weight. I’m getting married next year, and although it’s ages off, I would like to shed a few pounds before I even start looking at dresses.
 The healthy eating has gone ok, I’ve never eaten too unhealthily I think my diet got worse when I met my partner, or at least my portion sizes got bigger thanks to his generous servings! He’s one of ‘those’ people who can eat as much and whatever they want without putting an ounce on (grrrrrrr! Sulk sulk!) and I unfortunately am not!
Any way I joined the gym, and have been going at least twice a week and have somehow managed to gain 3 pounds L really not too happy about this and a little disheartened! Will persevere though as I know it can take time and I haven’t done any real exercise since before I became pregnant with my son, so it must be over 2 years ago, Oh the shame!
The gym I go to is fine, I don’t feel self conscious in my appearance as there aren’t a load of Lycra clad, skinny minnies looking fabulous... however there are a vast number of ladies old enough to be my grandmother that put me to shame in terms of their fitness. I can’t keep up with them in the aerobics class and I’m nowhere near as bendy as them in the yoga class!
I have found that reading the articles by Tanya Grant, on our website, really help keep me motivated and have even started doing a little dancing around the house! I put the radio on and have a little boogie in the kitchen while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to ping in the hope that it may just burn a few calories, my son thinks it’s hilarious and as long as no one else can see me its fine!
As I’m trying to eat healthily, I’ve been aiming to have my 5 a day and fruit juice being one of them, not sure if this cranberry juice I bought from M&S counts though if there’s only 16 cranberries in the whole 1 litre carton?

I thought cranberries were tiny?!!
Anyway I'm going to keep on trying to get fit and healthy and I'll keep you updated with any progress or major disasters!

Hope your resolutions are going well, if you have any good diet or exercise tips please let me know!
Jill. x

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