Friday, 13 January 2012

Valentines Day - Share your tips for a special Valentines

As part of More Than Mummies we aim to come up with novel ways to help you promote your business, that’s why we run the free monthly themed showcases and encourage articles for our website, although we know not everyone has time to sit down and write an article and this month’s showcase theme may not be suitable for your product or skills.
Before Christmas we tried a little collaborative post Helpful Christmas Tips where you could submit a tip to make Christmas a little easier, more fun or less stressful and also include a link to your website or business Facebook page. These tips proved really popular both with those submitting tips and also the audience of readers so this is something we’re thinking of doing this a little more often. Fun themes where you only need to send us a paragraph or even a sentence and you get to include your link. Of course if you want to send us something and you don’t have a business to promote that’s absolutely fine, we can even add them anonymously if you prefer.
These collaborative posts are aimed at being informative, helpful or even light hearted and entertaining!
The one we’d like to try next is aimed at Valentine’s Day as it’s the next little celebration, and it’s for tips or suggestions on romantic gestures that cost little or no money but can make a big impact. These can be things someone has done for you or you for them, or something you wish your other half would do for you, like bring you a glass of wine while your sat in the bath after a very long day (*hint, hint* J) or make you dinner or even a lovely compliment.
Also if anyone has any really romantic Valentine’s Day tales or completely rubbish unromantic experiences that they would like to share as a tale of caution to others (listen up fellas!) then please let us know and we may be able to do another article on just that subject.
We’ll start to add these to the site as soon as we get them with a cut off being Valentine’s Day itself and if you’d like to take part please email with.

· your tip/suggestion could be a sentence or a paragraph

· your name how you would like it to be published, ie full name or first name, county

· you can also include a link to your business website or Facebook/Twitter page to help promote your business (you don’t have to and if you like it can even be anonymous)

To view our Christmas collaborative post see  

And if you make cards check out our Valentines Cards Voting Competition

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