Monday, 2 July 2012

The Papillons!

Someone who is really please we are back from holiday is one of our Papillon Dogs, Amelie (or Ami as we affectionately call her) has been following me around non stop since we got back. Everytime I get up to leave the room she's there at my feet, even when I go to the bathroom she waits outside the door. That's if she's not snuck in with me!


We have two Papillons, Amelie who's nearly 4 and Rafael who's nearly 5 (and we refer to as Rafi). I should explain now that I'm a really big tennis fan (Wimbledon has been very distracting this week!) and they are named after two of my favourite players, Amelie Mauresmo and Rafael Nadal!

They couldn't be more different, Ami is 'princess perfect' she rarely has a tangle in her coat and is always super white, even if she's been out in the rain or mud she's dry and clean within minutes!

On the other hand, Rafi is a right little scruff bag! He's the complete opposite he can be lovely and clean after a bath and the immediately goes and rolls in the mud and you just need to look at him and he gets another knot in his fur!

Rafael (still a bit wet from his bath!)
They are both so different in personality but both really lovely dogs. I'd never had a dog before I got Rafi, and then Ami a year later, and I'm so glad I chose Papillons as they are just lovely and have been so good with our little boy.

Jill. x

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