Sunday, 1 July 2012

Post Holiday Blues!

It's just over a week since we got back from holiday, and the post holiday blues have definitely set in. Certainly not helped by the weather, all I've seen when looking out of the window since we got back is grey sky! Not that I've had too much time to look out of the window, I've been so busy catching up with emails (nearly there!) as when we were away I hardly checked them at all because holiday is family time!

I remember going on holiday with my mum and dad and my dad taking his laptop, being constantly on his mobile phone and even arranging for people to fly out for meetings, even on holiday he rarely switched off from work.

Anyway, we hadn't been abroad as a family before and we were in two minds as to whether it would be a good idea just yet as our son is nearly 2 and we weren't sure how he'd be travelling on a plane as well a going somewhere hotter than he's used to, but we decided to just go for it and overcome any issues that arised.

We wanted to go somewhere that wouldn't be too long a plane journey, so it would have to be Europe and we decided on Portugal, Estoril (near Lisbon) to be precise. There were other reasons for choosing to go there, it's on the Atlantic so it doesn't get too hot, there's always a lovely cool breeze, and most importantly from my point of view I'm really familiar with the area.

Beach in Cascais

I should explain now that my parents took me there on holiday when I was 2 or 3 and then a couple of years later when I was 5 we ended up moving out there. We lived there for 7 years before returning to England; and although I was only 12 when we left it's somewhere I think of as home and I love being there. I also still have some wonderful school friends there too who I still keep in touch with, although not as often as I should!

Our holiday was a wonderful mix of sightseeing, playing and relaxing on the beach and a heck of a lot of eating! Which I now have to pay for down at the gym :(

As far as sightseeing goes there were places that I remember visiting with my family or on school trips and then there were other places that I'd never been to or at least have no recollection of. We spent a couple of days in Lisbon, which is about 15-20 minutes from Estoril and also a day in Sintra which is up in the hills (about 20 minutes again in a different direction) and is so beautiful and is full of castles and palaces and if you are ever in that area of Portugal most definitely worth a visit.

View of Lisbon from Castelo de São Jorge

Palacio De Pena, Sintra

Our son's favourite day was when we went to the aquarium in Lisbon, it's very modern and the 2nd largest in the world. He just got to run around looking at all the fish and wildlife, we were there for a few hours and he slept extremely well that night! He also loved being on the beach with his new bucket and spade!

Asleep on the beach!

With it being somewhere I'm really fond of I was over the moon that both my partner and son enjoyed being there as much as I did so hopefully we will be able to return more often. It's been nearly 7 years since my last visit and I hope it's not so long until the next one!

Jill. x

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