Monday, 9 July 2012

Starting the Search For THE Dress

This weekend saw my first visit to a bridal shop as a bride to be! I've accompanied others on a couple of occasions in the past but this is first time I've looked at any wedding dresses for me. I've never been very weddingy! And haven't had a dream wedding or dress in mind since I was a little girl as I never really thought I would get married. Always too independent and not sure I would ever find anyone to put up with me for long enough!

It's less than a year until we tie the knot so I thought it was about time I started looking, I did have some gentle nudges from some good friends! I had no idea dresses could take so long to order and as I think it may take me a while to find the right on I thought I should get cracking with the search.

After some googling, which didn't help much as all the dresses I found seem to be super cheap and from China (they maybe ok, but don't want to risk it!), I decided just to take the plunge and visit a local wedding shop to try some dresses on. I went on my own to a really friendly shop in Bolton and they asked me to choose 4 to try on to get me started.

To start off with it was so difficult, as I walked down the rows of dresses I kept thinking I'm never going to find any I like! I'm not into the big princess dresses and not that keen on sparkle so my options were rather limited, I finally found 4 to try on and to my utter suprise I really liked the shape of first one I tried on (despite it having feathers on, don't ask!). The other 3 were better than expected too so although I may have some way to go to find my dream dress, I'm much more positive now that it is out there somewhere!

I'm keeping a little board on pinterest with my wedding ideas (most of them probably out of my price range) but if you want to see what I like so far see
I'm thinking of going for a 'lace' theme so if you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to read them in the comments below.

Jill. x

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