Thursday, 5 July 2012

Very Busy Week = Very Tired Boy!

This week has been so busy! In my normal week not much happens really, my little boy goes to nursery for a couple of mornings a week and to his grandparents a couple of afternoons so I can keep on top of my work and the house. And then I usually take him swimming once a week, the park for an hour or so once a week weather permitting and also to a Tumble Tots session once a week. The rest of the time he's at home with me and I try to keep him occupied and work when he's busy playing or napping!

This week however, we've been having a new boiler installed as well as having all the radiators flushed out, and it's taken a couple of days to get it all done. I thought it would be better to take the little one out of the way on the days the work was being done. My other half has been working from home so he kept an eye on what was going on and was available to answer any questions and make the tea!

So it was up to me to take our son out, keep him occupied and hopefully tire him out! And also find new things to do when the weather's too wet to take him to the park or out for a walk.

On Monday, for the first time we went to a soft play centre. We went to the 'The Funhouse' in Swinton, Manchester and as it happened it was their 1st birthday so entry was only £1 (usually £3-£4.50 depending on age and day). It's not too far away from where we lived and was perfect for a few hours activity. My son absolutely loved it there, he's 2 in September so still a little young to really make the most of it but was fascinated watching other children playing, climbing and sliding! He was also on a constant mission to put any loose balls back in the ball pool, as other children we throwing them out he kept going putting them back in, bless him! Wish he was that tidy at home!

At the Funhouse they had 2 separate areas, one for under 5's, with various areas suitable for little ones from about 12 months and then another larger area for over 5's with lots of climbing and slides! My little one was desperate to go in the area for older children and I had to carry him away in tears on more than one occasion! He also really didn't want to leave the soft play centre and it was only with the help of one of their 1st birthday celebration balloons that I managed to get his shoes on and get him to the car!

On Tuesday, the weather was still pretty miserable and there were a few bits I needed to buy so we headed to the Trafford Centre. While we were there we happened to be walking past the cinema and I noticed that Tuesday was their day for the 'Newbie' screening. I don't know if all cinemas do it but Odeon do what's called a 'Newbie' screening once a week where parent's can take their babies to the cinema, and as it's only aimed at Parents and babies you're not too worried about them having a little cry or, in the case of toddlers, a little run around!

I'd heard of it before but never been and the screening started at 11.30am, which was only about 10 minutes away so I thought we'd give it a try! The screening was of 'Rock of Ages' and I'd never heard of the film but these days I'm really out of the loop so had no idea what to expect and hadn't been to the cinema since I was pregnant.

It was a huge screen room and there were only about a dozen mums with their babies so there was plenty of room to spread out. I think my son was one of the oldest and I wish I'd taken him when he was younger as he'd have been more likely just to sleep through it! He sat still for the first 15 minutes with the help of some Quavers and then decided he wanted to test out all the seats! We ended up moving from a seat in the centre aisle to a row at the side, so I could sit at the end near the aisle and he could run up and down! Eventually he did run out of steam and fall asleep leaving me to enjoy the rest of the film in peace!

As for the film, it was ok. I was a little worried as when it started they immediately burst into song, and musicals are not my thing! But it had a great cast, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin, and it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. It's only something we'd do every so often though as I can't believe how expensive it is to go to the cinema, £7.50 for one ticket!!! I'm not looking forward to my son being older and asking to go regularly and taking friends etc. Or if we have another child, it'll cost a fortune to go and see a film as a family!

Anyway, I'm sure there will be future rants about cinema prices, I just hope they never stop doing Orange Wednesdays!

On Wednesday we met up with a friend that I hadn't seen in years which was really lovely and we met in a child friendly coffee shop in Warrington where my little one could pay with cars and look at books while we had a good catch up!

Today though, he's absolutely exhausted! I think all the activities this week have really taken it out of him, we went to our normal Tumble Tots session this morning but he was so tired he was trying to get settled for a nap on the crash mats, we ended up coming home early where he's been asleep on the sofa ever since! So a perfect opportunity to quickly write this and catch up with some work!

Jill. x

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