Friday, 15 February 2013

Trip To Bolton Market

This week has flown by! Since the start of the new year I've been trying to do different things as well as eat healthily, so on Tuesday I decided to have a little trip to Bolton Market to have a nosey and buy some fresh food for dinner. I usually just go to Tesco, as it's our nearest supermarket so this was something different. I'd never visited the market before despite having been to Bolton on quite a few occasions recently.

I took my 2 year old who thought it was quite fun seeing all the different stalls and pointing out things he recognised, mainly bananas and sausages, two of his favourite things in life!

We ended up buying some eggs, white ones which I hadn't seen before, some sea bream which the fishmonger filleted for me and some fresh fruit and vegetables.

It's definitely somewhere I will be visiting more often to buy fresh fish and fruit and veg! I'm not a meat eater but if I was I would probably get meat from there too, especially after all the recent horse meat scandal in the supermarket!

I've posted a recipe that I made with the Sea Bream on


I am really turned off by the supermarkets at the moment, not only with scandals that we don't know whats going in our food but I was really dissapointed this week as I'd got some pasta to have a nice family meal on wednesday (13th) and when I got the packet out of the fridge it was moldy and horrible, even though it hadn't been opened and had been refrigerated since I brought it home. It was dated feb 14th. Promptly returned and replaced but it's put me off filled pasta for a while.


Jill. x

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