Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mini Easter Egg Hunt

I was planning to do an Easter egg hunt in the garden for my little boy and a couple of his little friends this Easter, but unfortunately his friends were away on holiday this week and I wasn't sure his attention span would be quite up to looking for eggs outside on his own. Instead I did a little mini Easter hunt indoors with eggs hidden in his toys.

While dad was giving him an extra long bath, I placed his toys around the living room and hid 10 little eggs and 2 small chocolate rabbits amongst them. Some inside toys and some underneath them.

When he was nearly dressed after his bath I shouted upstairs that there were some funny noises coming from the living room and once he was dressed he should go and have a look. I told him that I'd been in there earlier and made everything very tidy and put any toys away.

He was so excited. (Or should I say eggs-cited!)

When he opened the door to the living room, he saw his toys spread around the room and a piece of paper in the middle of the room.

A letter from the Easter Bunny!

This letter was a last minute idea so it's not as good as if I'd have more time to think about and prepare it.
He has a brilliant time looking through his toys to find all the eggs, and we kept encouraing him to count them as we went along and also tell us what colour of egg he had found. He was so pleased when he had found them all.
Egg in the toy Aeroplane

Egg in the Car Transporter
Egg in the Play Kitchen
Egg in the Fire Engine
Egg in the Bus

Chocolate Rabbit in the Duplo House
I was a little worried that if I used chocolate eggs he would want to eat them as we went a long but he really wasn't bothered. When they'd all been found he was allowed to have one and the rest will be saved for other days.
It seemed to be a great introduction to Easter egg hunting for toddlers! And you can do it whatever the weather.
If you wanted to do some thing similar but didn't want to use chocolate you could used plastic eggs and when they've found them all, exchange them for a little toy.
Jill. x

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Tami Rebekah said...

Ahhh so sweet!! Makes me miss my sweet nephew :) Happy Spring! Following along on BlogLovin!

Jill said...

Thank you and thank you for following on BlogLovin too :)

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