Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Reward Chart

I've decided to try a reward chart for my little boy. It's with the aim of encouraging him with his potty training which, so far, has been less than successful. We add a star to his chart every time he does a wee on the potty or every time he tells us he needs to use the potty. He's been so reluctant to try so I thought this little incentive may just help. He also gets a star for other things like tidying his toys away by himself or without being asked, for good behaviour or for helping mummy and daddy do things like sort the washing or do some dusting. (He loves dusting and sweeping up!)

When he gets 10 stars he gets a little treat, like going to the soft play centre or a new little toy, some stickers or watching a favourite DVD with daddy or mummy. To be honest I'm also goint to use it as an excuse to give him a few little things that I've already bought but haven't wanted to give him for no reason, we've a long wait until birthday and Christmas!

There's nothing really over the top, one is a mixing bowl with a little whisk and spoon and when he gets it we can make some cakes together and another is a plant pot with a grow your own pumpkin! And one I'm really looking forward to giving him is a small pack of Postmas Pat stickers as it's his favourite cartoon at the moment. :)

So far the charts been working well, he gets excited now when he's earned a star but knows that we have to get stars all the way to the end of line before he gets a reward. It's also helped with his counting!

I made the chart myself and kept it really plain so he could personalise it himself.

He got his first star for colouring in his chart himself!
It's got 100 spaces in total so we'll see how far we get!

 Jill. x

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