Monday, 29 April 2013

Baby and Children's Market Wrexham

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For any mums in Wrexham this may be of interest to you :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Little Amelie, always happy!

Amelie the Papillon dog wagging her tail. She does this constantly and is always happy, she's like a little ray of sunshine, always cheers me up!

Jill. x

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If you haven't already heard of Bloglovin it's a great site that lets you keep up to date with all your favourite blogs, and helps you find other blogs that you might find interesting.

I came across it by accident and found this blog was already on there, I think all blogger and wordpress blogs are on there so if you write one get on to the Bloglovin website and claim your blog.

Claiming your blog is easy to do, just search for it, click 'claim this blog' then it asks you to paste some code into a new blog post to verify that you are actually the owner of the blog and voila!

I find it a great way to follow blogs I enjoy and read their latest posts.

If you're a blog author it automatically updates your latest posts so you don't even have to click a share button and you can link it to Facebook if you wish. It could be a fab way to get new readers to your blog.

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Jill. x

Monday, 8 April 2013

Handmade Lace Effect Flower Wedding Invitations

In an earlier blog post I wrote about my dream wedding stationary and there were so many gorgeous invitations that I would love to have had as my invitations. However due to doing a little cost cutting we decided to make our own and I am over the moon with how they turned out. They did take a long time though!

I'm trying to go with a lacey theme for our wedding as I prefer this to any glitz or sparkle so I was looking for invitations that were 'cut out'. I found some lovely laser cut invites but they were pricey so the best alternative I could find were use paper punches from Martha Stewart crafts. Available through some online UK craft websites, ebay and Amazon.

This is our final wedding invitation.

We bought some pre-folded gatefold/wardrobe cards from Hobbycraft and used Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punch - Daisy Lace for the top and bottom. We added some hydrangea flowers, another Martha Stewart stamp with some stick on tiny pearls and then tied the 'doors' together with some silvery grey organza ribbon (also bought from hobby craft).
Here's a few pictures of what we used and how we made them.
Pre-Folded Gatefold Card

Using the paper punch we puched along the top and bottom of the card.

It took a few attempts to get it all to line up, which we practiced using normal printing or scrap paper to avoid wasting card.

The card after it was punched.


We added a silver insert stuck down with double sided tape. We then added a smaller white paper square on which our invite wording was printed.

Using the hydrangea punch we made some white and silver/grey petals.

The petals were assembled using double sided tape and finished with a small adhesive pearl.

We tied the gatefold doors together with some silver/grey organza ribbon. To attach the ribbon we pierced a small hole in the card, pushed the ribbon through and knotted it.
See Martha Stewart on Amazon for the range available in the UK.

I'm so pleased we've made something ourselves that is really personal and fits in perfectly with the style of our wedding.

I was planning on trying to make my own wedding cake but after a couple of failed attemps with the decoration side of things I have conceeded and have ordered one. I am still aiming to make a few more things for the wedding which (if successful, lol!) I will post here on my blog :)

Jill. x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Fun

Easter has been so much fun, for me as well as for my toddler! As well as our little Easter Egg hunt we've made a few things together. As he's getting older (now 2 and a half) he's really starting to enjoy baking with me as well as making things.

This week he's even joined in with a couple of things I've been making for posts on

Making Easter Cookies

And helping make our Easter cress 'Egg Heads'

For tutorial please see

He had great fun doing both things and has really enjoyed checking on the eggs every day to see if their hair has grown. I've never really been one for plants or growing things but seeing his enjoyment with the cress growing so quickly, I'll have to look into other things that we can grow.

Jill. x