Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Fun

Easter has been so much fun, for me as well as for my toddler! As well as our little Easter Egg hunt we've made a few things together. As he's getting older (now 2 and a half) he's really starting to enjoy baking with me as well as making things.

This week he's even joined in with a couple of things I've been making for posts on morethanmummies.com.

Making Easter Cookies

And helping make our Easter cress 'Egg Heads'

For tutorial please see http://www.morethanmummies.com/2013/03/easter-egg-heads-a-fun-craft-to-make-with-children/

He had great fun doing both things and has really enjoyed checking on the eggs every day to see if their hair has grown. I've never really been one for plants or growing things but seeing his enjoyment with the cress growing so quickly, I'll have to look into other things that we can grow.

Jill. x

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